Marco Gagnon  Martial arts, acupressure and creative director


« Life is short... live it slowly »

MARCO GAGNON  was already an artist at prep school. At age 10, he wrote stories and drew cartoon that he sold to his schoolmates for a nickel. Since then, drawing and painting have always been an essential part of his life.

When time came to choose a career, he studied Advertising Arts and became a successful graphic designer, but the drive to dedicate his life to the visual representation of reality was never far removed from his day-to-day activities.

For years, he tried his hand at various artistic media but it was the advent of computer applications and the striking evolution of color printing technologies that gave him the opportunity to express his talents and find “his” medium.

Marco now ranks among the pioneers of "CyberArt", the art of computerized visual representation. He is inspired by the beauty and perfection of Martial Art, which he has been practicing since childhood.

The other passion was revealed to him, this time at the age of 16, when he discover the art of training dog.